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Short Term / Consequence Programs

Short Term Stay
These services are for referral agents who want to stabilize a client in 90 days or less. Referral agents may choose individual goals, including family reunification, transitional living services, skill building, restorative justice and access to community services. Staff coordinate with the referral agent to help facilitate the child's progress towards his or her short-term goals.

Consequence Stay
Consequence programs are usually a short term intervention with a specific goal, designed to get the attention of the client before more intensive placements are needed.

Respite Stay
Clients may be placed in a safe, secure environment for a time specified by the referral agent. These are clients who need time away from home to address specific behaviors.
These services may include:

  • transportation on a case by case basis
  • urinalysis testing
  • on ground but not off ground recreation
  • specific programming/ and or community service